Minecraft for Education

How to setup Minecraft with your class. Students will need the Minecraft education edition as well
Stratus àGo to Stratus, Apps, Minecraft education
Download à Download it for your machine from the website
Classroom mode: (make sure you download this to) à this is down the bottom it will allow you to control the students etc…
Lessons à Once in Minecraft search what lessons you are interested in

How to play
Open up Minecraft à select play
View the library to download worlds à and select lessons
Select the lesson à and create the world
Once in the world you need to host it for your student à select start hosting à give the join code
 à  Now your students will be able to work through the lesson with you.

Microsoft Forms, immersive reader, and some cool Maths

Here is some information you might find useful for Microsoft Forms and immersive reader:

image: https://educationblog.microsoft.com/en-us/wp-content/uploads/media/Forms-Immersive-Reader-2.gif

  • To help students with writing, Dictation is rolling out to PowerPoint on the web allowing students to add writing to their slides with the power of their voice.
  • Math practice quizzes are now available in OneNote Online. Students can use the Math assistant in OneNote Online to generate a quiz. We’ve also just launched an interactive guide for inclusive math.
image: https://educationblog.microsoft.com/en-us/wp-content/uploads/media/WNiE_Oct2019_3.png

Microsoft Forms

An update to Microsoft Forms lets you use branching logic to create personalized assessments. Adding this technology allows you to change quiz questions based on student answers. In a quiz that branches, students only see questions that are relevant to them. So, if students get an answer wrong, they might be directed to additional instructions and practice questions. You can learn more about Microsoft Forms here.

Read more at https://educationblog.microsoft.com/en-us/2019/10/whats-new-in-edu-how-to-use-innovative-resources-for-digital-storytelling-stem-learning-personalized-assessments-and-more/#gq303PktSOJ6y215.99

Office Lens

Office Lens can be used on any phone, it allows you to turn your phone into a scanner basically.
  1. You can take photos of the whiteboard notes and put them directly into OneNote
  2. You can take a picture of a PDF and convert it into a word doc so that it is editable 
  3. It will automatically sharpen and crop the images you take, even if they are taken on an angle.
Watch the video and if you would like me to set it up with you or see how I use it, pop in and see me. I am finding it great with revision with my seniors.

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This is a great website and app to help you make weather predictions and teach about weather in your subjects.

Image result for windy weather website


If you are converting anything TO and FROM PDF's this might a good program for you. 

You can convert from PDF to Word and vice versa, or JPG to PDF.