Chemistry and Science


Provides a great insight into the elements of the periodic table. Click on any and find out all about them.

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Chemistry Learning

Learn Chemistry

This is information from UK's Royal Society of Chemistry 

Atom Touch

AtomTouch is a molecular simulation app, created through a partnership between UW MRSEC and Field Day Lab. It allows learners to explore principles of thermodynamics and molecular dynamics in a tactile, exploratory way. The simulation was developed to help students understand the structures and attributes of particles at the molecular level, providing real-time feedback and responding to students’ actions.

Beautiful Chemistry

This is a great website that slows down reactions so that you can actually see what is happening. 

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Short videos of different reactions

The Periodic Table of Tech

Talks about the uses of the elements outside the science lab


Great website for creating atoms and showing where the protons, electrons, and neutrons go

Elements: Experiments in Character Design

These are some great little cards to help students remember the elements

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Science Learning Hub

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This has lots of articles and activities related to science

The mystery of matter

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Very cool stories about the history periodic table 

Compound Chemistry

16-03-20 This Week in Chemistry

Beautiful Chemistry
Using special cameras and computer graphics, the site lets you view structures of molecules, gases and liquids, crystals and other things.... You can view reactions and crystallization in great detail. 
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