Presentation Tools

Video Calling and Conferencing
All these websites work great for video and conferencing 

Skype, Facetime (apple), Google hangouts - we have all used these but here are some that work great as well.
They are all great for PD and communication.

Haiku Deck is another wonderful  presentation tool for teachers. You can use it to visually narrate stories. It provides a variety of pre-made themes and templates to choose from. You  can  use Haiku's image library to search for images to include in your slides or upload your own. One powerful feature of Haiku Deck is that it automatically resizes images and shrinks text to fit in the slides so you will not have to bother with editing and resizing images. Stories created on Haiku Deck can be shared on popular social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter, or be exported as PPT files or embedded in blog posts.

Online Presentations

Bunker ( has the ability to present everything. It looks an impressive and intuitive tool. There are still all the useful editing and formatting option, and it supports all browser options.

Slidebean ( takes a slightly different approach. You're charged with the content - images, text, videos etc. - and it offers to handle the design side of things, with a range of different choices. It is simple and easy to use.

Sway ( is Microsoft's online presentation tool. it lets users do all the usual expected things, like add images, videos and textm and move them around. The Drag-and-Drop interface is simple and easy to use. In fact, there's a complete set of video tutorials to get you up to speed.

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Prezi is a powerful web tool that allows you to create visually appealing presentations. You can start with a professionally designed template from Prezi's library then use images, text, videos and zooming features to enhance your presentation. You can also collaborate with colleagues to build presentations. Prezi is available on iOS and Android so you can create or edit your presentations on the go, then auto-sync across all your devices with ease.

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