Turnitin - Assignments & Referencing

Bibliography Tools - these are all great tool for students and staff

EasyBib (easybib.com)
CiteFast (citefast.com)
Writinghouse (writinghouse.org)
CiteULike (citeulike.org)
Citelighter (citelighter.com)


This is great for students.... It puts it in APA referencing format, they can use it for books, websites, jornals etc. The students can even use the app on there phone to scan the bar-code on the back of a book it will add it to their reference list.

Referencing Made Easy

The free tool to create citations, reference lists and bibliographies in any format.



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You can access Turnitin through Stratus (Moodle). You click on add activity and select turn it in. Select the parameters you want to use and then you are all set to go. By clicking on the activity you will see the students who have and havent submitted anything, it will also give you the amount of material that is similar to the internet, journals and other student sources.

Reduce Plagiarism

Check students' work for improper citation or potential plagiarism by comparing it
against the world's largest academic database.