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Coaster Crafter: Build. Ride. Learn

Coaster Crafter: Build. Ride. Scream!
Coaster Crafter: Build. Ride. Scream! is an immersive STEM learning game for students in grades 6-12. In the game, students explore and practice key STEM concepts by designing, building and sharing virtual roller coasters. And they get to interact with a cast of engaging and unique characters in a fun, carnival-like online environment. Game play, learning and motivation are linked in the game, where rewards for both success and failure motivate students to experiment more boldly, think more deeply and learn more completely. Coaster Crafter: Build. Ride. Scream! is designed so that students can play in a self-directed manner without help from teachers or other adults. However, the learning within the game has the potential to be greatly expanded via classroom and other learning activities. In this Teacher Guide, we hope to provide you with the resources to help you do just that.


The learning goals for Coaster Crafter: Build. Ride. Scream! include the following:
  • To provide students in grades 6–12 with learning opportunities to engage in a roller coaster construction game and creatively explore Newtonian laws of force and motion, as well as many other key STEM principles including:
    1. Inertia
    2. Velocity
    3. Acceleration
    4. Gravity
    5. Mass
    6. Momentum
    7. Friction
    8. Potential and kinetic energy